Postulate 1

Abstract: Modern fundamental physics theories such as the Standard Model (SM) contain many assumptions. So where do all these assumptions come from? This is not real understanding. It is curve fitting. So why bother?

This theory in contrast has only one real simple postulate:

 Postulate 1.

So there is reason to be excited. Th1s is the only postulate so the 1 in the postulate of 1 generates the symbol definitions 1∪1≡1+1 list-define algebra (eg.,2AI, eq.3.6) natural number underpinning of the rational numbers:

define the real number 1 from a Cauchy sequence of rational numbers (Cantor) using iteration zN+1=zNzN+C (eq.1a), δC=0 (eq.1b).  In that regard solve 1a for noise C in δC=0 (eq.1b) and get δ(zN+1-zNzN) =0 implying zN is finite since ∞-∞ cannot equal 0. So as N∞, C0 then zN+1 (defined to be z then) has to approach 1 so eq.1a zN+1=zNzN+C turns uniquely into z=zz+C (eq.1) (eg.,1=1X1+0) thereby

 defining real#1 in the postulate of 1. Alternatively:

 Solve the same eq.1a, 1b for C and z(eigenvalues,eq.3.6): So plug eq.1 into eq.1b getting Special Relativity(SR) and a unbroken degeneracy Clifford algebra (sect.2). Equation 1a explicitly defines the Mandelbrot set CM (since zN+1 finite) with a fractal (¼)MMandlebulbs and (1040)NXcosmology. CM turns SR into GR and breaks that 2D degeneracy into 4D Clifford algebra of Mandlebulbleptons (eq.9) and associated triplets and singlets (i.e., SM Bosons (sect.4).

Summary: Real Postulate of 1. That is the whole shebang. So 1 (1U1)natural numbers→ rational numbers→Cauchy seq.of rational numbers (same as eq.1a,1b)real numbers1). eq.1a,1b gives us eigenvalue math eq.3.6.

That 4D implies we got not more and not less than the physical universe. Also given the fractalness, astronomers are observing from the inside of what particle physicists are studying from the outside, that ONE thing (eq.9) we postulated. Contemplate that as you look up into the starry night sky! So by knowing essentially nothing (i.e.,ONE) you know everything!  We finally do understand.

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