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March Paper 2D (PowerPoint)
Part One (pdf) [Chapters 1-7]
Part Two (pdf) [Chapters 8-17]
Part Three (pdf) [Chapters 18-20]
Part Four (pdf) [Chapter 21]
Part Five (pdf) [Chapters 22-23]
Part Six (pdf) [Chapters 23-24]
Part Seven (pdf)

This is a book about Dr. David Maker’s new Dirac pde and its implications to new thinking in physics that solves the free parameter problem. It is a vision of new theories in physics beyond the standard model based on physics as the “process of observing 2D”. This is analogous to the role (or process) the observer plays in the (circa 1927) Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics (QM) in the wave function collapse to Ψ.